My name is Angela Jansz. I have created this blog to display information from a project submitted as part of the requirement for a post graduate course in Integrated Human Studies, at the University of Western Australia.

“Integrated human studies (IHS) is a new field that has emerged in response to the need for education to address the challenges of the 21st century.

The University of Western Australia established the Centre for Integrated Human Studies in 2008 with a brief to develop coherent, interdisciplinary  future-focused tertiary courses to create influential and responsible world citizens and leaders.

Human decisions and actions over the next fifty or so years will decide the fate of the world. University educated people will have a pivotal influence on this fate as they take senior positions in business, industry, government, education, medicine, architecture and law.

We believe that the well-educated citizens of the future need a firm interdisciplinary base upon which to set their career and life skills. They need to understand the origins and natures of human beings; that societies develop according to their values; and that values differ between cultures, and change over time. They need to acquire generic skills and tools from various disciplines to enable them to analyse complex issues and propose solutions. They need to know what mechanisms are available to create an equitable, sustainable future.

Education for World Futures

We live in a world of increasingly rapid change, a world of resources and opportunity for some, of poverty and misery for many more. Our world is threatened by the population explosion, pollution, resources depletion, global warming, human rights abuses, the atrocities of war and the ever-present threat of the nuclear deterrent.

Our Education for World Futures Initiative aims to work with other universities worldwide to provide future-focused education that will create the informed and active citizens who will meet these challenges.

Many other groups around the world are also responding with research and activism.

Great Transition Initiative

The Global Poverty Project

The James Martin 21st Century School


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